This easy-to-read book will help clarify some basic things that we don't think about when creating digital products. Guided by these principles, you seem to wipe the window and clearly look at the components, groupings, space and movements.
eBook (.pdf & .epub)


How and under what conditions certain design laws were discovered


Find out where you can put these discoveries into practice

Easy peasy

The process of creating a design with these laws will become conscious

What's inside?

Aleksey Bondarev

My career started in 2008 in digital design and marketing. It was a time of creating bright things with a lot of visuals in design. During my career, I have worked with small startups from the Valley and large international banks. Put together few design crews and worked in several countries. Created designs alone and in large teams. This book is my little research and an attempt to dig deeper into the psychology of interface perception.

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